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Think about how Wikipedia came about, built without any economic incentive. Well, brace yourself! DAO's are about to take that same energy and amplify it across the internet.

Introducing: The New Age of Information Curation


Why Token-Powered Curation?

Goodbye Centralized Ad Algorithms!

Welcome a system that champions mission-aligned communities and brings to the forefront genuine quality content.

No More Repetitions

Optimize resources by reducing redundancy and channeling efforts into unique, high-value tasks.


It's subjective, yes. But Web3? It redefines the norms. Say goodbye to dopamine-driven decisions and hello to genuine content curation.

Add Into the Mix Artificial Intelligence

"Right now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gotten smarter, more efficient with lots of skills, gained broader knowledge of things through model training, and provide near-perfect solutions".

AI based solutions are here to stay, its not going anywhere.

If you are still ignoring it, or taking it easy, then you and your business are gradually getting left behind. You are causing a lot of damage to yourself and business that will only become clear to you in the near future.

Instead, you should be actively figuring out how and where to implement AI solutions in your business. Right Now!

Let me ask you this...

If you had the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and become an early adopter of a new technology, would you prepare your company?
Below are some advantages your business will have in Web3:

Fair Revenue Distribution: Traditional platforms often take hefty cuts from creators' earnings. With a decentralized system, creators can receive a more significant portion of their earnings directly, maximizing profit from their content. Token-curated registries ensure creators are rewarded fairly for their contributions, bypassing intermediaries.


Community-Powered Promotions: In a token-curated registry, community members have a direct stake in promoting and uplifting high-quality content. This means creators have a motivated, invested audience actively working to boost and spotlight their content, leading to more exposure and potential revenue streams.

Reduced Censorship & Greater Autonomy: Centralized platforms can impose restrictive content policies, which might hinder a creator's vision or expression. Decentralized platforms prioritize freedom of expression, granting creators autonomy over their content. As a result, creators can capitalize on niche markets without fear of arbitrary demonetization.


Direct Fan Engagement and Support: Fans can directly invest in and support their favorite creators using tokens. This not only gives fans a sense of ownership and attachment but also ensures creators have a consistent financial backing. This direct line of support can lead to better monetization opportunities, as creators can offer premium content, early access, and other exclusive perks to their token-holding fans.

Long-Term Value Appreciation: As content gains popularity and the platform grows, the value of the tokens associated with the creator's content can appreciate. This means that creators aren't just benefiting from immediate earnings, but they're also positioned to benefit from the long-term growth of the platform and their content's sustained relevance. It's a form of equity in the value they bring to the ecosystem.


Smart AI Mobile Network


Fully Cloud Based Solution

Access From Anywhere In The World, On Any Device


Here's why we are offering a handful of people LIFETIME ACCESS to MediaBloxs


Help us shape the future of MediaBloxs

Since we are still in alpha version, developing and testing, we want to give an opportunity to those that believe in us, the company, and our vision, to get in on the ground floor and join us as chartered lifetime members.

Let's change the world. Together.

Everyone here at our team is committed to a single vision of delivering the perfect solution that is easy to use but gets you massive results in return.

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